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China Euro Vehicle Technology AB, CEVT, is a development centre for future cars of the Geely Group. CEVT covers all aspects of passenger car development – from the total architecture, powertrain and drive line components, to top hat engineering as well as the vehicles’ exterior design. If we are to succeed we need to attract the right people. CEVT currently consists of over 1900 people and is growing fast. The company is located in Gothenburg, Trollhättan and in Hangzhou, China.


Areas of expertize:

  • Architecture development: creating new, modular architectures for C-segment cars.
  • Top hat development, i.e. the upper body structure: creating complete, customer focused vehicles based on the new architectures.
  • Shared component development: creating technical solutions applicable to both brands and customer profiles
  • Complete vehicle design: creating vehicles with design that expands the customer segment.


CEVT’s work processes follow a modular technology approach. The benefits of this approach are most visible in the architectural development.

  • It can satisfy the market’s demands of different car models, as well as different customer requirements.
  • It capitalizes on volumes and provides cost benefits for us as a company, as well as the customer.
  • Through its intelligent build-up, it can easily adapt to new customer preferences and new trends, while meeting the requirement of short product cycles.
  •  It provides the customer with the latest technologies and a higher product quality.


The modular technology approach is based on the following principles: 

  • A large amount of well-defined interfaces
  • Scalable auto, module and component solutions:
    • A scaling strategy that for instance offer variations on the overall length, width, height, wheel base, wheel size, etc.
    • A strategy for performance steps on a module level, for instance a front module with different performance levels for handling, noise, and vibrations.
    • A strategy for performance steps on a system/component level, for instance a climate system that is either manual or automatic, that has one or several temperature zones, as well as air quality filters.



Bring Geely to the world.



Build the most cost efficient, customer focused and technology oriented engineering centre in the automotive industry.

Define and develop world class products with outstanding quality and performance at competitive price levels.

Be a fully integrated part of Geely and form an outstanding team for the success of Geely.

Lay the foundation for Geely Auto in Europe .



We embrace our roles and responsibilities ensuring accountability across the entire organisation, and we take pride in always delivering on expectations. We have faith in the individual’s ability and desire to take on responsibility, resulting in a trusting working environment.


We are confident and resourceful in identifying solutions. Challenges energize us and we seize the opportunities they may contain. As a learning organisation, we utilize the experience we gain and constantly expand our capacity to create great results.

The CEVT team spirit

We reward those who share knowledge and make an effort to teach others. Our effective collaboration is the result of our open attitudes and cultural diversity. We have created an environment in which we support each other and collectively tackle challenges.

Voices of CEVT

Having the opportunity of working with teams from both Volvo Cars and Geely Auto, with very different backgrounds, is thrilling.
Jenny Johnsson
Chassis - Technical team leader Steering Systems
The most interesting and fun part about my job is that I get to work with all disciplines within the framework of physics.
Sverker Fhyr
Vehicle Integration - Block Leader
I like the atmosphere at CEVT; Together, we are moving forward to begin on a brand new chapter for our organization.
Ting Chen
HR Specialist - Global Mobility

Work with us

CEVT is an engineering and development centre for future C-segment cars, addressing the needs of Volvo Cars and Geely Auto. At CEVT, we are bringing technological resources and top level engineers from all across the world and across Geely Group. If we are to succeed, we need to attract the right people. If you share our passion for engineering and innovation, and want to be part of a global organisation that embraces diversity, CEVT is the right place for you.

We currently have the following job openings;

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