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Redefining automotive engineering

We’ll meet the demands of tomorrow’s global market by doing something entirely new. CEVT is an innovation centre focused on finding smarter ways within mobility – through modular development, ground-breaking virtual engineering, software systems development and continuous innovation.

Software is driving a new mobility

Digitalization is rapidly changing the automotive industry, pushing the idea of a different mobility and enabling new disruptive business models. Software is now the core of every modern car and the power behind tomorrow´s shared, connected and autonomous reality.

Continuous delivery of advanced software solutions, hardware-in-the-loop simulations, UX design, advanced virtual reality applications and electrical architecture is what we do every day.


Modularity enables smarter development

Innovative ways of working allow us to make the most of our resources and enable our partners to build cars in smarter ways. Modular technology creates double advantages by combining the flexibility necessary to meet different customer needs with the efficiency in economies of scale.

Our modular architecture is fully scalable in length and height, and the intelligent build-up can efficiently be adapted to different customer requirements.

Developing improved technical solutions for shared components and common interfaces is also within our expertise. The principles of modularity always apply – all major modules can be combined in different ways with the architecture.

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Compact modular architecture

Our modular vehicle architecture for compact cars meets the toughest demands on the global market. It is fully scalable and accommodates a wide range of propulsion systems and technologies of varying complexity. The modular approach enables product customization while generating a highly streamlined manufacturing process and significant economies of scale. The architecture can be tailored to the specific demands and brand values of different car brands. Body variants supported by the CMA are Sedan, Hatchback, Cross Country, SUV and SUV Coupe. All can be made with 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder gasoline or diesel engines with Front or All-Wheel Drive, as well as hybrid drivelines.

Pushing the boundaries of virtual engineering

Virtual development and verification is an integrated part of our product development process. Through advanced computer-aided engineering and the latest technology, we keep pushing the boundaries for what we can achieve.

Sophisticated calculations, simulations and virtual testing early in the process enable faster, more innovative development with more precisely targeted physical testing.

Our virtual development allows for advanced testing of e.g. safety, structural dynamics, aerodynamic and thermal properties, and driving dynamics in various operating conditions.

We work with a range of advanced calculation and computing services.

It's all about innovation

CEVT is creating innovative technology solutions for a changing automotive industry. We are a unique competence center within the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, dedicated to take great ideas further.

Our cross functional teams work closely together with internal and external expertise to break new ground within electrification, sustainability and how to meet new consumer demands on an ever changing global market.

CEVT have collaborations and joint ventures with universities, research hubs and start-ups around the world. MobilityXLab, Chalmers University of Technology and Technion in Israel are just a few examples.