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Sustainability at CEVT

To an ever-growing extent, the future will demand sustainable solutions. At CEVT, we aim to be at forefront of innovative technologies for mobility with sustainability in focus. CEVT’s responsibility and contribution to sustainable development includes the entire value chain. The ambition is to focus on sustainability in design and development considering the whole life cycle of the company’s products and services.

Sustainability in action

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Value creation – sustainable product development and innovation

The search for innovative and agile ways of working together, to make the most of resources and ultimately enable Geely Holding to create cars and mobility solutions in smarter ways is central for CEVT’s operations.


We aim to be at the forefront of innovative technologies for mobility with sustainability in focus.

Company impact and development

CEVT is a dynamic organization under continuous development. The employees are the most important asset for the company’s success. CEVT strives to create a healthy and attractive working environment.

We have an advantage of being an organization with over 30 nationalities – it allows us to bring many perspectives to the solutions we create.

Responsible relations – ethics and compliance

Positive and responsible relationships with suppliers, business partners, and local communities, as well as good relations with other stakeholders, are of great importance to CEVT. The company is an important local player in Gothenburg, and contributes to the community by using local suppliers and by supporting events such as youth activities.

We integrate environmental, social and ethical perspectives into our everyday decision making.

Sustainability documented

At CEVT, we work to become a truly sustainable company. Through certifications and policies like these, we make our intentions clear – to ourselves as well as the world around us. Download the documents in the downloads section below.