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Sustainability at CEVT

CEVT’s responsibility and contribution to sustainable development includes the entire value chain. Innovation is the core of CEVT’s business, and the ambition is to focus on sustainability in design and development considering the whole life cycle of the company’s products, through the choice of design and material specification, considering production methods, energy consumption, and waste disposal.

The world around us

CEVTs aim is to be a world leading innovation center, contributing to sustainable mobility and connectivity. To achieve this, it is necessary to act proactively on trends, new legal requirements and changing expectations from stakeholders regarding environmental, social and ethical responsibility and performance.

Customer Value – Sustainable innovation

With new ways of living and changing laws come new customer desires – convenient services and growing demands for decreased environmental footprint. The search for innovative ways of working is central for CEVT’s operations, to make the most of resources and build cars in smarter ways, with features that add customer value.

Customer value with car

In 2018, nearly 20,000 virtual safety tests were conducted

Company impact and development

At CEVT, we strive to be an attractive, inclusive and positive employer where employees can continue to learn and develop. We are committed to offer a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds legislative requirements and standards, and work actively to promote Swedish–Chinese cultural exchange in the company.

We are more than 30 nationalities at CEVT

Societal engagement – Responsible relations

At CEVT, we value our relations to co-workers, suppliers and partners highly, therefore we’ve created a series of policies and codes of conduct, through which we translate our values into actions. We are committed to conducting business fairly and ethically and aim to be a trustworthy and credible player to stakeholders as well as to the local society around us.

Transparency shall be the guiding principle at CEVT

Sustainability documented

At CEVT, we work to become a truly sustainable company. Through certifications and policies like these, we make our intentions clear – to ourselves as well as the world around us. Download the documents in the downloads section below.