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Front view of a car

We redefine automotive engineering

We’ll meet the demands of tomorrow’s global market by doing something entirely new. CEVT is a development centre focused on finding smarter ways to build cars – through modular development, by pushing the boundaries of virtual engineering, and by taking on new customer desires to create all-new cars.

Developing cars in smarter ways through modularity

At CEVT we always search for innovative ways to work, to make the most of our resources and ultimately enable our partners to build cars in smarter ways. Modular technology creates double advantages: the flexibility necessary to meet different customer needs and the efficiency in economies of scale.

Our modular architectures are scalable in length and height, and their intelligent build-up can efficiently be adapted to different customer requirements. We develop modular architectures for personal vehicles.

We develop shared components with improved technical solutions that can be combined with different architectures – for instance powertrain and driveline. Common interfaces are also within our expertise.

Cevt Platform

Pushing the boundaries of virtual engineering

Virtual development and verification is an integrated part of our product development process. Through advanced engineering and technologies, we push the boundaries for what is possible. Always looking to make product development even smarter.

Our virtual development is centred on design and allows for advanced testing of e.g. structural dynamics, aerodynamic and thermal properties, and various operating conditions.

We also work with a range of advanced calculation and computing services.


Creating all-new cars for new customer desires

Car markets are evolving faster than ever. New ways of living create different customer desires – with a focus on convenience and services, increased interest in leasing, shared ownership, and more streamlined ways to buy a car. Changing laws and regulations along with new technology drive demand and opportunities for environmental responsibility and electrification.

We design and develop complete new cars to meet the demands of tomorrow’s drivers. We take charge of physical testing and complete verification of products until delivery to the manufacturing line.